Liberated Architecture III
E-Paper art installation by Malte Steiner, created in 2022 and first shown in November 2022 at the solo exhibition at XM3 Aalborg, Denmark.
Images of destroyed architecture in the Ukraine war are gathered from the net and decomposed with Machine Learning. The fragments are randomly rearranged to new electronic drawings on e-paper in realtime in the exhibition every 30 seconds. When a war is started, the invader usually creates a narration to justify the attack. Often it's about liberating something or someone.
Malte Steiner works with e-paper as artistic medium since 2012, first with a hacked e-reader, later then directly with display components, for instance for the project The Big Crash.

Liberated Architecture III at the solo exhibition at XM3 Aalborg DK November 2022
In the background noises from the other works of the exhibition can be heard.
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