absolute power
macht + ohnmacht
an art project by Malte Steiner
Absolute Power analyses and reflects on power structures and the mechanisms behind them. Started originally in 2019 with the majority of work done in 2022, this project will result in several cycles of exhibitions in the next years. The first one From Initiation Rites To World War will be shown the first time at XM3 Aalborg Denmark in 2022.

AR-15, oil painting, 2019
The AR-15 rifle was used in a majority of mass shootings
Rewriting History : I keep forgetting faces
a Machine Learning project
An important method to establish power is to rewrite history, to change the narration.

rewriting netart : netart version of Rewriting History : I keep forgetting faces which performs the calculations in the browser
impotence + power : robotic, microcontroller controlled installation
Liberated Architecture III : generative e-paper installation
17. - 27. November 2022
Rewriting History: I keep forgetting faces will be shown as installation at Piksel 22 exhibition in Bergen, Norway.
4. - 28. November 2022
first solo exhibition of Absolute Power at XM3 - rum for samtidskunst Aalborg, Denmark. Opening is 4. November 16:00
Absolute Power © Malte Steiner 2019 - 2022 | see also The Big Crash | block4